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Red Hot Dancewear began as one dancer's quest for quality unitards with sturdy mesh insets that would hold up under the rigors of frequent washing and extended wear.

Our unitards are made of comfortable cotton lycra and are available with or without the mesh inset.


Colors Available

Black Purple Forest Burgundy Navy Red Turquoise
White Blue Royal Hot Pink Teal Brown

Actual colors may vary. If you need an exact color, please call for a swatch.

These unitards are available with or without the mesh inset. Mesh colors available are black, tan or dyed to complement the fabric. Mesh colors are not exactly always the same shade as the lycra fabric. See the FAQ section for a more accurate description of the colors.

Please specify sleeve style, size and color when ordering.

Small (approx. 4-6)
Medium (approx. 8-12)
Large (approx. 12-14)
XL (approx 16-18)
XXL (approx 18-20)
Childrens sizes and sizes are also available by special order. Please feel free to ask.

Please specify the color of the mesh you want in the middle.
The most popular style is to have the mesh the same color as the body of the unitard, however, combinations can be striking.
(I'm especially fond of my turquoise unitard with tan mesh!)
If no color for the mesh is specified, matching mesh will be assumed.
Biketards are also available, these "short unitards" are quite popular. Many customers comment that they like the coverage of the unitard, but don't want their legs covered below the knee. Many of our customers love to wear them under skirts for that extra "fanny coverage" on stage.

Care Instructions

Ordering information & prices:
style # DescriptionPrice
#mtu Tank (sleeveless) Mesh Middle Unitard $45.00
#msu Short-sleeve Mesh Middle Unitard $48.00
#mlu Long-sleeved Mesh Middle Unitard $50.00
#tu Tank Unitard (no mesh) $30.00
#su Short-sleeved Unitard (no mesh) $32.00
#lu Long-sleeve Unitard (no mesh) $35.00
#mtb Tank (sleeveless) Mesh Middle Biketard $35.00
#msb Short-sleeve Mesh Middle Biketard $37.00
#mlb Long-sleeved Mesh Middle Biketard $40.00
#tb Tank Biketard (no mesh) $20.00
#sb Short-sleeved Biketard (no mesh) $22.00
#lb Long-sleeve Biketard (no mesh) $25.00

Other sleeve variations available on request - please email us for more information.

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